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About Us

At vEnsure, we understand the frustration and complexity that come with handling health insurance claims. We are a health insurance advisory service, and we work towards simplifying the experience of policyholders, insurance companies, TPAs, corporates, brokers, agents, and hospitals in dealing with the entire claim process, providing policy information, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

We do this with the combination of automation, artificial intelligence, and empathetic individuals dealing with your issue on a personal basis, which is an industry first in this technology-driven age.  



To assist customers with policy details and their entire claim journey and provide the best software solutions for insurance queries and claims settlements.



To become a global leader in providing automated solutions for insurance companies, brokers, and policyholders and deal with claims settlements on a personalised basis.

What We Do ?

Tailor made solutions : We understand that each claim is unique, and so are your needs. Our tailored solutions cater policy holders, agents, corporate, hospitals and others with their specific requirements, ensuring they receive the rightful benefits they deserve.

Simplified claim processing : We help you get the right value without any hassle from your end. We do your work for you and our tech services are designed to save time, improve accuracy, and elevate experiences.

Your Personal Experts : With over 50 years of experience and the best automation available in the industry, our health insurance and medical experts ensure that every query or complaint will be resolved.


Our Comprehensive Services

Policy Guru (Understanding your policy) : Our health insurance experts do all the hard work for you, read between the lines, decode the terms and conditions as per your requirement. 

Claim Guru (One-step solution for the entire claim journey) : We ensure that you are being treated fairly by the insurer and help in resolving all your claims issues. We make sure you get what you’re entitled to in the shortest possible time. 

How We Do ?

Eligibility check : Checking eligibility and educating patients about policy terms and conditions (Cashless and Reimbursement).

Preauthorisation : We vigorously pursue all claims with proper documentation for speedy approval.

Answer Query : We answer your query, if raised and stay vigilant with a follow-up.

Grievance Redressal : Whether denials or underpayments, we guide you with the basis of denial and under payment.

Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) : We intimate you of the medical expense covered by the health care/insurance provider as what part of the expense would be payable and give entire clarity upon medical and technical deductions (non medical expenses, reasonable customary, copayment, deductibles, ailment capping, eligible payable amount)

Medical Claims Authentication : We conduct stringent checks to ensure that all documents, bills, and invoices handed over to us are valid. Any medical claims and encounters submitted, if not in accordance with the billing system, will be returned to you with a complete explanation of the missing or incomplete information. We identify the circumstances that could delay the claim process and help you with tackling the same.

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