Terms & Conditions

This document can be used as the terms and conditions of use for a website. It sets out the basis on which a user is granted access to a website and can be modified to take account of numerous factors including:

  • whether the website conducts sales
  • whether the website has further policies
  • whether the website can be used for commercial purposes
  • complaints handling procedure
  • dispute resolution
  • trademark protection

It should be noted that this document only includes the terms and conditions of use. It will refer to and incorporate into its terms other documents if applicable such as a privacy policy and terms and conditions of sale. Indeed, website operators should always use a privacy policy. In addition, a cookie policy or an acceptable use policy may be required. In particular, while this document reflects the UK General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), the document should be used in conjunction with a privacy policy, as a policy is not included within the document and must be obtained separately.

Additionally, if any third party services are used on the site (such as payment providers), consideration must be paid to whether any further terms must be added to the document. Typically such terms will be mandated by such services and can be determined through a request to the provider.

Finally, it should be noted that this document has been created for use by general, common sites, which do not present more specific legal issues. If the website has content which is likely to create more specific issues, or is targeted at a sensitive audience, this document is not appropriate for use. In particular, if the website concerns regulated activities (including those covered by the Financial Conduct Authority), encourages dangerous or risky activities, offers legally restricted content or products, or is aimed at use by children, this document should not be used.